The Entertainment Connection

Connecting you to talent, opportunities, and services.

What We Do

With the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry, your talents may go unheard- but that’s what we’re here for! We are a service that connects creative talents to opportunities & services. Through our global relationships, our clients varying from athletes to artists can find the resources they need in order to bolster their talents. We serve as the mediator between you and our connections by recommending you to the appropriate service providers that best fulfill your needs. With our connections ranging from major/indie record labels, talent/casting agencies, production companies, corporate sponsors, venues/art galleries, and advisors from various professions, Talentscool provides you the advantage of convenience & peace of mind.


  • Opportunities

    These connect you to platforms that help showcase your talents

    Bookings, Endorsements, Auditions, Showcases, Appearances, Collaborations, Jobs, Internships

  • Representation

    Professionals and organizations that promote and handle other aspects of your career

    Manager, Agent, Record Deal, Booking Agent, Publicist, Talent Agent, Brand Manager

  • Talent Development

    Resources that help you further enhance your talents

    Vocal Coach, Acting Coach, Instrument Teacher, Dance Instructor, Art Instructor, School Placement

  • General Services

    Professionals in different fields that are here to ensure your general needs are met

    Musician, Vocalist, Dancer, Lawyer, Accountant, Investor, Personal Assistant, Web Designer, Engineer, Fitness Trainer, Camera Crew

  • Vanity and Luxury

    Touch up your personal style with high class services

    Clothing Stylist, Hair Stylist, Barber, Makeup Artist, Model, Photographer, Bodyguard, Limo Driver, Private Jet Rental, Studio Rental


Michael B. Pratt

President and Founder

Michael is an entrepreneur, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter for major labels/artists, and film score composer for feature films/television. The combination of his extensive entrepreneurial experience and love for the arts led him to launch Talentscool. He also has an extensive network within the entertainment industry that allows him to service his clientele globally. He is an honor roll student at the University of Southern California studying Entrepreneurship and Music.

Steve Smith

Vice President and Co-Founder

Steve is a retired NFL Pro-Bowl wide receiver and Super Bowl champion. He set a franchise record for the New York Giants football organization for most receptions in a single season. He has a wide range of connections in the entertainment industry along with a hard-working attribute and a persistence to better the company. His accomplishments give him a strong desire to excel in anything he puts his mind to.

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